Students who work with ISRC faculty on interactive systems research are also affiliated with the ISRC. The following includes both current students and our alumni.

Current PhD Students

Gabriella Waters
Marie Sakowicz
Yetunde Okueso
Bianka Onwumbiko
Asha Kumar
Lewis Davis II
Zainab A Balogun
Elmira Deldari
Rachael Kang
Brandon Ables (Tangible Computing)
Vasundhara Misal (Affective Computing)
Akiri Surely (Affective Computing)
Jwawon Seo (Augmented Reality)
Priya Rajasagi (Immersive Visualization using VR)
Lydia Stamato (Creative Community Science)
Yi Xuan (Wendy) Khoo (Privacy and Health Technology)
Erin Higgins (Equitable and Accessible Maker Spaces)
Hasan Prottoy (Digital Technology Infrastructure in the Global South)
Kirk Crawford (Inclusive Assistive Technology)
Mei-Lian Vader (Accessibility in Entrepreneurship)
Maria Lopez-Delgado (Creative Technologies and Computer Science Education)
Golnaz Moharrer (Affective Computing)


Post Doc

Dr. Aqueasha Martin-Hammond – Assistant Professor, IUPUI
Dr. Foad Hamidi – Digital living media systems for children and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities (Assistant Professor, UMBC)
Dr. Nora McDonald – Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati
Dr. Ignacio Avellino – Permanent Researcher at Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique (ISIR), Paris


Dr. Iman Alshathri, Lecturer, King Saud University
Dr. Adegoyega Akinsiku
Dr. Hirak Ray, UX Researcher, University of Virginia
Dr. Azin Semsar, Senior User Studies Researcher, Apple
Dr. Flynn Wolf
Dr. Ali Abdolrahmani, Research Fellow, American Foundation for the Blind
Dr. William Easley, Human Factors Design Engineer, Apple
Dr. Heera Lee,Adjunct Professor, Towson University
Dr. Rahayu B. Ahmad, Assistant Professor, Information Systems Department, Universiti Utara Malaysia
Dr. Erin Buehler, Mixed Methods Researcher at Facebook
Dr. Patrick Carrington, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Peng Chu, Software Quality Engineer at Honeywell Intelligrated
Dr. Yuanyuan Feng, Data Scientist at Pieces Technologies
Dr. John R. Goodall, Staff scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Rachel Grice – Engineering Psychologist at Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
Dr. David Gurzick – Assistant Professor, Management, Hood College
Dr. Rosa Heckle – Staff scientist, MITRE Corporation
Dr. Weimin Hou – Senior User Experience (UX) Specialist, UserWorks, Inc.
Dr. Celeste Lyn Paul – Human-Computer Interaction Researcher, Department of Defense
Dr. Galina Madjaroff – Clinical Associate Professor at UMBC’s Erickson School
Dr. Huimin Qian
Dr. Jieyu Wang
Dr. Kathy Weaver – Lecturer and Program Director, Master of Information Management, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland
Dr. Kevin F. White – Director of IT, Lower Dauphin School District & Adjunct professor, UMBC
Dr. Michele Williams – UX Researcher, Intel
Dr. Alyson Young – Assistant Professor, IUPUI
Dr. Ali Abdolrahmani (Improving Non-Visual Access to Interfaces)
Dr. Adegboyega Akinsiku
Dr. William Easley – Human Factors Design Engineer at Apple
Dr. Phillip Feldman – AI/ML Futurist at ASRC Federal
Dr. Julie Haney – Computer Scientist at NIST
Dr. Germaine Irwin (Home Energy Use)
Dr. Victor Ondego – Senior Principal Human Factors Engineer at Northrop Grumman
Dr. Wajanat Rayes (Social Media and Culture)
Dr. Sidas Saulynas – Associate Professor at Stevenson University
Dr. Ashwag Alasmari (Consumer Health Informatics and Personalized Information Retrieval)

MS Students

Marie Sakowciz
Jennifer Posada
Yetunde Okueso
Quinlan Kimble-Brown
Serena Gyi
Xinran Zhang
Savani Shrotri
Abdullah Ali – PhD student at UW
Vaishnavvi Viswanathan – Product Designer at Workday
Lydia Stamato – PhD student at UMBC
Shu-Yi Tseng – Digital Product Designer
Anirudh Nagraj
Morgan Scheuerman – PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder
Jasmine Tobias – Senior UX & Web Management Consultant, Systems Alliance
Kellie Gable – Senior Product Designer, Sontiq


Amina El-Ashry
Laura Lachin
Zaria Oliver
Susanna Abler
Zulekha Karachiwalla
Rushaad Wright
Daniel Laguna
Karina Lopez
Kai Wisner
Samantha McDonald – PhD student at UC Irvine
Hannah McGowan