The Interactive Systems Research Center (ISRC) at UMBC acts as a bridge for faculty across the UMBC campus with expertise in designing, building, or studying the uses of interactive computing systems. The ISRC provides a platform for collaboration by different faculty and students from a variety of disciplines. Current disciplines actively involved in ISRC research include Human-Centered Computing (HCC) and Information Systems (IS). These disciplines offer degree programs with students involved in ISRC projects. The degree offerings are listed below:

Degree Programs in the Information Systems Department

Human-Centered Computing (HCC)

The discipline of HCC employs various methodologies nested in quantitative and qualitative approaches, lab and field-based data collection, and usability engineering approaches, including user-centered design, participatory design, and other related techniques.

1. HCC Masters Program:

  • Targeted toward UX practitioners and researchers
  • Research-based but application-oriented
  • 10 courses: 5 required + 5 elective courses
  • MS thesis option
  • Application deadlines: May 1 for Fall and October 1 for Spring
  • More information: HCC MS Program

2. HCC Ph.D. program:

  • Research-focused program
  • 11 courses + dissertation research
  • Research areas:
    • Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
    • Privacy
    • Accessibility
    • DIY maker movement
    • Multi-lingual information access
    • Affective computing
    • Health IT
    • Movement-based interaction
  • More information: HCC Ph.D. Program


Information Systems (IS)

The Information Systems department also offers a variety of Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Information Systems. Information Systems research done within the ISRC focuses on the entire system of information, knowledge, delivery and use, taking an external, human-based perspective on technology – focusing on how technology can be implemented to serve the informational needs of people and organizations.

1. On Campus IS Masters Program:

  • Designed for people with and without an educational background in an IT field
  • 10 courses: 5 required + 5 elective courses (+ 3 fundamental courses)
  • MS thesis option
  • Application deadlines:
    • May 1 for Fall and October 1 for Spring (domestic applicants)
    • January 1 for Fall and June 1 for Spring (international applicants)
  • More information: On Campus IS MS Program

2. Online IS Masters program:

3. IS Ph.D. program:

  • Research-focused program
  • 9 courses + dissertation research
  • Research areas:
    • Artificial Intelligence/ Knowledge Management
    • Database/ Data Mining
    • Health Informatics
    • Human-Centered Computing
    • Systems and Software
  • More information: IS Ph.D. Program