The ISRC Collaboratory space is located in room 430 of the ITE. This is a shared space that can be booked for meetings and in particular for teleconferencing. A calendar showing the meeting schedule and available time slots can be seen below. The space has equipment that can be used during meetings such as a Projector, a Projector Screen, an apple computer with video conferencing software (Skype), an LCD TV and Microphone for the computer, and a Smart Board.

Equipment Instructions

Projector & Projector Screen

  • Turn on BenQ projector using the white remote control. Remote controls should be housed in the holder below the LCD TV.
  • Connect your computer to the projector via the cord on the wall behind the projector using the appropriate adapter (there are a selection attached to the cord).
  • When done using the projector, turn it off using the white BenQ remote control.
  • Control (Pull down or Retract) the projector display screen using the controller on the left hand side of the whiteboard.

Apple Computer for Video Teleconferencing

  • For video conferencing, bring up the Skype application using the controls (mouse and keyboard) on the table next to the LCD TV.
  • UMBC.ISRC is the Skype username.
  • For audio/video conferencing calls, ensure that the microphone on the shelf right below the TV is not obscured. You can move the microphone towards the center of the room to better pick up audio, but it is not necessary.

Smart Board

  • Download and install SMART Kapp app on your mobile device using QR code OR NFC.
  • Start the SMART Kapp on your mobile device.
  • Connect to your mobile device to the board using either QR scanner or NFC.
  • Send link (Invite) a maximum of 5 people to share board activities.
  • When done, disconnect from board by pressing “close” at the top left corner of your device OR hold bluetooth on the capture board until it turns solid red.


The following calendar shows the meeting schedule in the Collaboratory.