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Below are the faculty conducting research on interactive systems and are affiliated with the ISRC from across the UMBC campus.

Nilanjan Nilanjan Banerjee
Associate Professor, CSEE
Wearable and wireless sensors for Health and Assistive Technologies
StacyStacy Branham
Lecturer, IS
Mediating human communication, Empathic connection, Personal growth
Amy Amy Hurst
Assistant Professor, IS
Accessibility, Interaction Design, Rapid Prototyping
Andrea Andrea Kleinsmith
Assistant Professor, IS
Affective behavior recognition, Training in complex real world   situations
Anita Anita Komlodi
Associate Professor, IS
Human-Information Interaction, Visualization
Ravi Ravi Kuber
Associate Professor, IS
Tactile interface design, Accessibility
Wayne Wayne Lutters
Associate Professor, IS
CSCW, sociotechnical systems, virtual organizations, social computing
Aaron Aaron Massey
Assistant Professor, IS
Computer security, Privacy, Regulatory compliance software engineering
CynthiaCynthia Matuszek
Assistant Professor, IS
Human-robot interaction (HRI), Natural language processing
Helena Helena Mentis
Assistant Professor, IS
CSCW, Health IT, Gestural interaction, Movement analysis
  Shimei Pan
Assistant Professor, IS
NLP, User modeling, Human-in-the-loop   machine learning, Multimodal conversation systems