User Studies Lab

Our facility has two fully instrumented research/observation suites supporting a variety of data collection needs. They are physically located next to each other, such that the observation rooms are adjacent to each other. There is a sliding glass window between the observation rooms of each suite.

Facility Schematic 


Testing Lab (A): ITE 440 (Perception room)

Observation Room (A): ITE 441 (Perception observation room)

Observation Room (B): ITE 442 (Motion observation room)

Large Testing Lab (B): ITE 443 (Motion room)


Equipment Available


Forms to download

Please fill out the lab scheduling form and lab equipment checkout form accordingly and send them back to isrcusabilitylabs [at] umbc [dot] edu

User studies lab policies and procedures

User studies lab scheduling form

User studies lab equipment checkout form


Lab Calendar


umbcuserstudieslabs [at] gmail [dot] com