User Studies Lab

Our facility has two fully instrumented research/observation suites supporting a variety of data collection needs. They are physically located next to each other, such that the observation rooms are adjacent to each other. There is a sliding glass window between the observation rooms of each suite.

Facility Schematic 


FIKA room : ITE 430 (FIKA room)

Testing Lab (A): ITE 440 (Perception room)

Observation Room (A): ITE 441 (Perception observation room)

Observation Room (B): ITE 442 (Motion observation room)

Large Testing Lab (B): ITE 443 (Motion room)


Equipment Available

Forms to request equipment and USL Reservations
Please fill out the lab scheduling form and lab equipment checkout form accordingly and send them back to User studies lab policies and procedures

User studies lab scheduling form

User studies lab equipment checkout form


Lab Calendar