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IRB Support

UMBC has an Institutional Review Board (IRB) whose responsibility is to protect the rights and ensuring the safety of human subjects participating in research. The IRB requires that all investigators who are  affiliated with UMBC and who are engaged in research, regardless of funding, comply with both UMBC procedures and federal regulations regarding the protection of human subjects in protocol activities. РInstitutional Review Board at UMBC

Please visit the official UMBC IRB page for a more comprehensive coverage of research requirements at:


Protocol document repository by the User Studies Lab

We are building and maintaining a repository of open IRB protocol documents within the User Studies Lab for researchers in the ISRC. We are collecting both digital and paper copies of the following documents associated with each open protocol:

  • Application + appendices
  • Approval
  • Approval consent form
  • Continuation reports
  • Modifications (if any)
  • Closure report (if any)
  • Any other correspondence with the IRB pertaining to the protocol


What the User Studies Lab will do (for each protocol)

  • Collect all of the above (Protocol documents) in digital format
    • Store these documents in a password protected directory (ITE 442)
  • Collect all of the above (Protocol documents) in paper format
    • Store these documents in a locked filing cabinet (ITE 441)
  • Provide researchers with access to their own protocol data stored in the locations mentioned above
  • Maintain the protocol record for a period of five years
  • Maintain a shared document containing protocol metadata (Protocol number, Primary investigator, Secondary investigator, Start date, End date, Renewal date and Title)
  • Request renewal documents from the investigators within 2 weeks of the project renewal date as applicable
  • Request list of open protocols from the IRB office at the end of each semester for purposes of updating the repository with current protocol submissions

Contact: isrcusabilitylabs [at] umbc [dot] edu